The Gatehouse Suite

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(QUEEN) Bright summery colors frame this open,spacious sunny "private wing" with a private deck, glider, table and chairs. Quiet light grey berber carpeting contrasted by bright red countertops and drawer pulls, antique white walls, queen bed, and full red sleeper. The suite feels like a living room, kitchen and bedroom with no walls, so the view can be seen anywhere in the space. The many birds and lovely setting with ocean views provides a very special relaxation. Inspiring, colorful art create a special feel. Newer full Kitchen with island seating is perfect for discounted weekly rentals @$1435 (Sunday to Sunday) 2015 - $189

Cancellation Policy: FULL REFUND for cancellations recieved at least seven days prior to reservation date, NO REFUND for cancellations received less than 7 days before reservation date (or thirty days for weekly rentals) for any reason.

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