The Boat Room

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(QUEEN)One of the "cutest" rooms on the Maine coast with an understated, traditional seafaring theme. Sculptured wallpaper, warm beige carpeting with a large section of 1856 wide pumpkin pine flooring purposely left exposed. "Ship-like" bathroom with wainscoting. Queen bed with tan and black bedding. Large glass writing table and lounge chair. Ceiling fan and a unique trapezoid window/door leads to your private sitting balcony for two, to view one castle and the bay. Historic black and white photographs of Maine schooners under sail adorn the sunny walls. 2015 - $159

Cancellation Policy: FULL REFUND for cancellations recieved at least seven days prior to reservation date, NO REFUND for cancellations received less than 7 days before reservation date (or thirty days for weekly rentals)for any reason.